Black Arowana


Care level : Medium

Diet: Piscivore

Temperament : Semi-Aggressive

Max Size: 30″

Family : Osteoglossidae

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The Black Arowana is super rare variant of the Silver Arowana. The Black Arowana has some very unique features that make it so attractive. It’s swimming style mimics that of a snake on water. It’s large hatch-like mouth for grabbing large prey. One of our favorite features are its large eyes, that never seem to take their gaze off of you.

The Albino Arowana will grow very large, which means one will need a large aquarium to house it. Choose between 3″-3.5″ or 4.5-5″. We only have one in stock. Please contact us for any questions.

Here’s a video of these Arowana.


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3"-3.5, 4.5"-5"


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