Flowerhorn Cichlid (juvenile)


Care level : Medium

Diet: Omnivore

Temperament : Semi-Aggressive

Max Size: 12″

Scientific Name: Vieja synspilus

Family : Cichlidae

Buy 4 or more for 8.54 each


The Flowerhorn Cichlid is one of the best aquatic pets on the market. They are very social, and will respond to the owners interaction. Flowerhorns are mostly a very aggressive fish, and rarely tolerate tank-mates of any kind. Flowerhorns typically don’t do well when kept together. We do no advise tank-mates, but some people have been successful in very large aquariums and lots of care.

These flowerhorns are very juveniles and it would be very tough to sex them at this stage. Please enjoy this video of our flowerhorns.


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