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Shipping Policy

Live Fish and Inverts

Our shipping days are Monday through Thursday.

Our processing time is generally 1 day and our shipping cut off is 11AM EST. We reserve the right to hold fish due to in-climate weather and due to our shipping carrier’s own in-climate weather policies for shipping live fish, our processing times can be 1-3 days. If this does occur we can compensate you with free live plants or some other credit to compensate you for the added wait. The processing times will never exceed 3 days regardless of the circumstances.

We do not ship fish on Friday to avoid any mishaps with Saturday/Monday Delivery unless specifically needed or if added charges are paid for Saturday delivery.

All items ship overnight for a flat fee of 39.99, Due to in-climate weather and shipping restrictions on live pets there are situations where processing time for orders can be longer than one day. Sometimes people choose overnight shipping and expect it the next day if they place the order before the cut off for that day. If there is a reason your order can not ship with only one day of processing you will be emailed and alerted to when the package will get its first scan. When processing is delayed due to weather (heat mainly since we insulate from the cold) you may receive your tracking number but the box wont be scanned until the fish is bagged and packed.

All fish go out in an insulated box, with a heating element to keep the fish warm when its cold outside and when its hot we pack with minimal Styrofoam and tissue paper or newspaper so the fish due not overheat int he insulated box.

Should there be any issue with your fish on arrival, call us immediately. We will do whatever needed to insure a happy transaction.


Potted and Tissue Cultured Plants

All of our Potted and Tissue Cultured plants are shipped on Wednesday through Thursday.

Orders must be in by Friday 6PM EST, to be shipped the following week.

In extreme weather we may delay the shipping of your plants, this is only to insure the plants arrive alive at your doorstep.

Please contact us immediately, to resolve any issues with your order.